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Our office is not just an office, it is also a artistic residency! We host temporary exhibitions that fit in with our philosophy and coexist in harmony with the space. Because we love art, it inspires us and fills us with good vibes.

We also like recycling and the circular economy. We have a ecological garden with chickens that is ideal to go out to disconnect and reconnect. Our customers love it, and it's not just them - we've been featured in several TV shows and magazines as a singular office.

We always have the doors wide open. Because we like to have natural ventilation, because we like the ideas and because we like visits. You can go see it and have a coffee with us. And if you let us know with some time, you can try our famous "coca onsom". We will be delighted to meet you!

Artistic residency in Inca, Mallorca

Our house is in Inca, in the heart of Mallorca: it has art and it has history. It is located inside a Gothic house, it has customized furniture from an old shoe workshop and on its walls rammed earth the thirteenth century many works of art hang. 

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