We promote the digital transformation of your company.

We identify all the obsolete processes that make up your business model, streamline and even automate them, reducing costs and increasing profit margins by up to 30%.

We are not magicians We teach you to use technology in your favor, we know your potential clients, we optimize the processes to collect information, and we create adapted strategies that suppose a great competitive advantage that It will make you sell up to one more 30% and increase your impact on the market by one 50%, because we create added value: we focus your products on the real needs of customers and We improve your shopping experience.

Digital transformation is not a situation, it is a permanent process.

But your company needs a mentality change on a global scale. Did you know that workers represent the 90% of the success of a digital transformation process? We take care of squeezing the full potential of your employees, train them in the use of digital tools and create leaders who lead the way to a new corporate culture.

On Onsom we accumulate 17 years of experience. We are Consultants accredited by the IDI and we have worked with multiple companies and sectors. We provide an external and global vision of your company, we create a value added to your business model with new ideas, tools and values, we make handsome marketing and we work with companies that have the potential to become benchmarks and unique in your industry.

You will think that this requires a large capital investment, but nothing is further from the truth, annually, the IDI promotes a line of aid for the digitization of companies, which covers up to 90% of all the actions of transformation 4.0. Definitely a winning move.

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