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We optimize the management of business relationships to sell more and better in less time. 

Thanks to our CRM (Customer relationship management) you can manage and analyze interactions with your customers and potential customers, anticipate their needs and desires, optimize profitability, increase sales and personalize campaigns to attract new customers.

Without data there is nothing

The biggest challenge in adopting a CRM is capturing and entering data, so that the company has real-time updated information on its base of potential customers, prospects, customers and ex-customers.

Did you know that sales teams spend around 18% of their time using CRM tools?

Currently many SMEs do not have the information that is scattered on paper or on independent devices of business teams that are changing, so the leak or loss of information it is something habitual. 

Consumers and clients are a very valuable source of information. and their behavior towards the service or product offered is a guide to reach significant conclusions during all phases: prospecting, sale and post-sale. 


Among the multiple functions offered by the CRM platform, we highlight:

  • Management customers and leads.
  • Management opportunities.
  • actions or chores commercial.
  • Reports, planning and commercial monitoring.
  • System of alerts.
  • document management.
  • Design Responsive (About 81% of marketers operate their CRM from multiple devices),
  • Integration with other platforms.



  • The 47% of the commercials affirm that the CRM improves the Customer experience. 
  • The productivity of sales has the capacity to increase up to a 34%.
  • The ROI average in CRM is €26.65 for each euro invested.


Implementing a customer management platform is the easiest. In addition to a tool, it is a set of processes and strategies that imply a corporate culture change. The human team depends precisely on the success or the failure of adopting a CRM, which is why we offer formation plans customized, to ensure the success and use of the platform.

Different options are proposed in the Digital Kit depending on the segment:

  • Segment 1 (10-49 employees): 40 hours of parameterization.
  • Segments 2 and 3 (0 to 9 employees): 30 hours of parameterization.

How much?

We have solutions from 2.000 € (VAT not included).

The aspects that most influence the cost are the number of workers to train and their degree of digital literacy, the platform chosen, your integration with other systems, volume of accounts, among other aspects that are defined with the client. 


If you are between 10 and 49 employees (Segment 1)


If you have between 0 and 9 employees (Segments 2 and 3)

We have extensive experience in the management of public aid and subsidies both at the at regional and national level.

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