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Resident ArtistsWilliam Anguita
William Anguita

William Anguita

William Anguita


The oil paintings and the particular explosion of color of William Anguita (Málaga, 1983) will fill our house until April.

Our resident artist lives between Malaga and Mallorca and from a very young age he has always been surrounded by colored pencils and sheets of paper. Everything related to creativity has always caught her attention: painting, photography, graphic design, handicrafts, handicrafts, DIY… Everything that involves using your hands and imagination!

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations and doctor from the University of Malaga, his motto is "Without color, there is no life"

More information About the Onsom.com Artist Residency

Saturday, January 12 at 7:30 p.m.
Presentation by Guillermo Anguita and the philologist Antoni Janer

Italian Quality Gourmet

From January 7 to April 30, 2019
Monday to Friday from 9 to 14 hours
Arranged visits (Whatsapp: 603 558 883)

How to get
C/ Om 24
07300 Inca, Majorca

Guillermo Anguita, Freddy
Freddy, Oil on canvas 24×19 cm
Guillermo Anguita, Flamenco
Flamenco Street, Oil on canvas 41×27 cm
Guillermo Anguita, Frida
Frida, Oil on canvas 19×24 cm
Guillermo Anguita, Mona
Mona at the Malaga fair, Oil on canvas 33×41 cm
Guillermo Anguita, Aboriginal
Aboriginal, Oil on canvas 38×46 cm
Guillermo Anguita, Rehab
Rehab, Oil and ink on canvas 19×24 cm

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