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Resident ArtistsThe Plot of Malgosia Plichta is in da Onsom

The Plot of Malgosia Plichta is in da Onsom

Saturday, February 20 at 7:00 p.m.


Visiting hours
Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and agreed hours

C/ Om, 24
07300, Inca, Majorca


Where does TRAME come from? 
Looking for a parenthesis for this stage of my work, the notion/concept of the plot came to mind. The meaning of the term is a bit ambivalent, it describes a complicated structure and a bit chaotic at first sight, where all the elements are essential and coexist in strain constant. Although my works are not very narrative, deep down I want to tell a story, or rather I want to suggest that a story or several parallel stories were the reason for building a series of works. The chronology of events does not really matter, what matters are the connections between them and the sum that seems to lead to a new reality. 


Sometimes the whole process becomes a plot against the believer and here the long-awaited drama becomes visible, but at the same time, the crisis is seen as a transitional opportunity that allows the plot to be resolved.

My way of working is very connected with the awareness of my own reality and no matter how everyday and simple it may seem, I believe that living it attentively is a way of experiencing the truth. One of my favorite writers, Thomas Merton, said that every artist is a contemplative being. we could understand the contemplation as a state of disconnection from reality, but it seems to me a wrong idea. Contemplation means a total closeness to reality at every moment, it means immersing oneself in it and facing it at all levels, and it is within the reach of anyone who proposes it. 

My work always has its beginning in my life, in the sum of moments, ideas and experiences, beyond expressing something ordinary or extraordinary. Artistic work does not consist in looking for moments of inspiration, but in the daily life beauty can be extracted from life, which will be inevitably linked to TRUE.


The creation process carries the great risk of not knowing where it will take us, but it has something attractive that prevents us from giving up, an impulse that makes us continue. Normally being exposed gives us an overwhelming feeling of unsafety, but just as in life without fighting it we cannot advance or reach the bottom. The state of crisis , the discomfort and the fear of change, which by nature are inevitable, become an opportunity to make us free and more attentive.
Malgosia Plichta (Warsaw, 1981) 


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