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Urban mirages

optical phenomena which consist of seeing the landscape urban as if reflected in some screens imaginary located on our sides, produced mainly when we drive at a certain velocity by a street and our view can't fixate on a building specific (Mirage side).

It bears some resemblance to the delusion that creates the inhibition side on the rack from Hermann where the intersections white They seem to be filled with points grays.

In days of rain, the freak is amplified with condensation accumulated in the crystals because the profiles urban they fade more easily.

The freak reaches its maximum intensity by evening when, under conditions of rain and humidity, the lights of the town overlap those of traffic and refract in the crystals, then it is when the mirage frontal.

Tips for observation:
It is common on rainy days winter. If you want to contemplate it in all its intensity, it is not recommended. lead, it is better to go with a companion or by bus, listen jazz and let go.

Saturday, December 12 at 7:00 p.m.

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