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If they don't see you on social media, they don't buy from you. And if they don't know you, less. 

After the pandemic, social networks have further transformed the way people, brands and Administrations interact. Now more than ever social media marketing is essential for any business.

29 million of Spaniards among 16 and 65 years are active users of social networks and spend almost 3 hours a day. 

Being entertained, informed, inspired by things to do or looking for products to buy, connecting with friends and family, following stars, influencers and brands, looking for work, etc., are some of the reasons why almost 89% of Internet users connect to social networks.  

54% of Internet users use social networks to search for products.

The current consumer is someone who is connected or about to connect.
Andy Stallman
Where do we start?

Social Media Plan


Social networks are a means, medium not the end. So don't expect miracles. The most important thing is to define a plan that is aligned with the Marketing Plan or Digital Transformation Plan of the company. In a world omnichannel The entire marketing, communication and customer service strategy must be consistent. 

Depending on the objectives and target of the company, we will define in which networks we will act, how, when (calendar) and how much we will invest (time and money). 

When using other means and other channels different from the traditional ones, it is necessary to adapt the voice tone, the communication and form/create a equipment.

Through the presence in social networks, we seek the visibility of the brand, the loyalty of customers, the relationship with potential consumers and to be up to date of what happens around the market, sector, products, services, trends

We like the singular strategies and not what everyone else does. We are not into automated posts or canned messages. We live the networks with passion, as a place where we can truly relate and interact. Every like, every reply, every comment is true because we are people, not machines. We bet on the authenticity. 

The 91% accesses networks via mobile, so it is very important that your website is mobile-oriented. 

Social media monitoring


The cool thing about the Internet is that we always have statistics that allow us to really measure the impact of the actions we carry out, to enhance or correct them.

Social Media Audit


Some brands have been using social networks for a long time but they are not clear about the strategy or the results. Many companies contact us so that we can analyze if their presence is adequate and how they can optimize it.  

Remember that like Google, each social network has its own algorithm And it is changeable, which implies knowledge, work and strategy. Anyone can manage a social network but hardly be up to date or have a global vision of the market. 

Social media management


We successfully manage the networks of many clients. Surely you have heard of them or even follow them.

We are not obsessed with the number of followers but the quality of them and contents. For us it is essential to contribute worth, be original and that the experience with the brand be as positive as possible, however ephemeral it may be.

Not all consumers are going to follow you. But if they search for your product or service, it is likely that they will find your brand through your social networks before through your own website. 

We love them WhatsApp, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok.

In the networks the content is the king and the conversation is the queen. For this reason, we design editorial plans with our team screenwriters and digital journalists, who are also experts in Social SEO. Yes, of course, in the networks positioning also counts and allows you to reach a greater number of users. Everything is strategic. 

We have a powerful Community Manager Exchange and we also train the workers themselves because they are part of the company social strategy, helping to enhance it and make it more authentic.

How much?

The strategies that can be developed in social networks are many and as varied as the types of clients. 

We have web design and development solutions from €4,000 per year (VAT not included).

The aspects that most influence the cost are the number of networks in which it is necessary to be present, languages and/or countries, if the client is already present or if we start from scratch, if an editorial plan already exists or needs to be developed, the involvement of the team, available content, etc. 


If you are between 3 and 49 employees (Segments 1 and 2)


If you have between 0 and 2 employees (Segment 3)

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