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Design and development of online stores responsive and self-managed, optimized for SEO. Unlimited products and multi language.

Our e-commerce platform is an easy online store intuitive and safe. Designed so that it can be managed by all types of businesses and without the need for extensive computer skills.


  • The 68% of consumers buy online through their smartphone.
  • The 92% of consumers browse websites via mobile.
  • Responsive: It adapts to any device (mobile, tablet, laptop) both in the frontend and in the backend.
  • irresistible design customizable oriented to the TARGET and adapted to the corporate image of the company.

Shop with WordPress

  • Development of a scalable multi-page online web store with the following functionalities from a mobile-oriented template, both in terms of design and content: home page, product catalog, services, corporate information, frequently asked questions, contact form , location map, services, equipment, blog, etc. 
  • Programming and adaptation in WordPress
  • e-commerce platform WooCommercePrestashop/ Shopify/ Magento (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS)


It includes tools to attract the audience and sell more.

  • Modules: Top sales, Most seen, News, related products.
  • promotions specials.
  • Limited Time Offers.
  • coupons off.
  • discounts for customer groups.
  • subscription module newsletter.


      • Integration with the website design and corporate image.
      • Management of products, customers and orders from the control panel.
      • Can be used alone as a Catalogue (no shopping cart features).
      • Unlimited number of products, categories and subcategories. Products can be assigned to multiple categories.
      • You can add one small and one large image to each product.
      • You can display details and images for each product.
      • You can add attributes to your products (size or color) to offer product variations.
      • You can manage the stock level of the products.
      • Allows the import of your product data via comma delimited files (CSV).
      • Customer Groups and User Management
      • The display of prices can be restricted for specific groups of users.
      • You can assign users to groups to allow them to be managed by multiple people in your organization.
      • Customers can add individual shipping addresses.
      • Automatic notification to customers of changes in the status of orders.
      • Customizable order statuses.
      • Order confirmation e-mail for both the user and the owner of the shopping cart.


      • Support more than 140 payment methods: Credit card, debit card, Secure Payment, Paypal, bank transfer, cash on delivery, etc.

      • Installation of virtual POS.

      • Recurring payments for products that are purchased periodically or by subscription.

      • Supports different currencies and countries.

      • Management shipping costs. Shipping addresses and rates.

      • Products may have multiple prices according to customer groups or price range.

      • Product prices may include Shipping costs depending on the group of clients in question.


  • The e-commerce platform is self-manageable, both at the product level and the content of the website itself, thanks to a content manager from any device: tablet, mobile or computer.  
  • The online store can be easily managed by a person with office computer skills. 



All products can be shared on the main social networks, increasing the virility and visibility of the store. 



AA level accessibility according to guidelines marked by WCAG-2.1.


  • The online store is optimized for SEO.
  • Strategy long tail to get more visits, greater relevance and greater exposure.
  • Implementation of SEO positioning strategy following the criteria of the main algorithms.
  • Registration in directories and reference search engines. 
  • Keyword analysis, competition, On-Page SEO.
  • indexing control
  • Sitemap (list of URLs in your domain). 
  • Configure paths, urls, permalinks, titles, descriptions, etc.
  • Content preview settings on the main social networks.



Instant customer service thanks to the chat or whatsapp bot present on all pages. 


  • Sales statistics.
  • AWStats analytics system that allows monitoring the activity of the website without depending on other external providers such as Google Analytics (provided that the client hosts their website on our servers).


  • Review of the legal notice and privacy policy.
  • Cookie policy plugin.
  • Purchase conditions.
  • Return policy.


  • You can use encryption SSL (128 Bits) and shared SSL.
  • firewall security that repels the majority of attacks to which websites are exposed on a daily basis.
  • codes anti-spam (Captcha).


  1. domain registration .you eat . org .net from €20/year (VAT not included)
  2. web hosting (hosting) from €225/year (VAT not included).

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  • We have a service of copywriting if necessary, since this speech can later be used for different formats, such as dossiers, sales pitches, commercial team training, slogans, other supports, etc.
  • Option multilingual web plugin: Spanish, Catalan, English, German, etc. The best way to save time and resources. In this case, some adjustments must be made on the different languages since the quality of the automatic translation is between the 75% and the 95%. In any case, it is simple and allows SEO positioning by language.
  • SSL security certificate (€100/year). VAT not included.
  • As experts on the Internet and as journalists who are experts in editing digital content, we take care of the maintenance of your online store.

How much does it cost to design an online store?

All our online stores are personalized and they adapt to the strategies and needs of each client, so there is no standard rate. 

We have web design and development solutions from 2.000 € (VAT not included).

The aspects that most influence the cost are the platform chosen (WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Shopify), your integration with other systems, functionalities, architecture, volume of contents, volume of products, Methods of payment and Shipping, languages, among many other aspects that are defined with the client. 


Valid for all segments 1, 2 and 3.

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